december 01, 2009

And yessss, another award !!!!

I got this award from Therese from
Thank you so much!!!
And now I have to tell 10 things about myself hihi.
Well here I go;
1. I'm Dutch.
2. I'm a blond and brunette, yeah got 2 hair colours.
3. My friends always tell me a have a great sense of humor, and I believe them! haha.
4. I'm a sensitive girl, I sympathise with others.
5. I can also be a hard ass b*tch.
6. I do my own acrylic nails!
7. I don't have a drivers license, I love my 60's scooter!!!
8. My favorite colour is black!
9. I work with mentally and physically challenged kids.
10. I can't lie, it's horrible not even a little lie, if I tell a lie I ALWAYS have to laugh :z

And now I have to pass the award on to 9 other peeps, but I won't!
Simply because I can't choose, I believe that everyone of whom i have a blinkie, deserves an award!!!
So if that's you, please feel free to grab him!
With Love,

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