april 18, 2009

I've been tagged And got a new award!

I,ve been tagged and got an award from Miriam from AngelflightScarps !
Thank you so much!

The rules are to follow the 8 item rules below and replace them with your own answers on your blog and tag 8 other blogs as well.
So here are my answers:

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
- The summer!
- Doing things with my mom, cause she's feeling great after her operation.
- Clubbing with my best friend Brigitte.
- Girls night with Sandy and Brigitte.
- Making more scrap stuff.
- Getting more awards;) hihi.
- Faling in love.
- Being a mom someday!

8 Things I did yesterday:
- Wake up.
- Shower.
- Brush teeth, and all the other stuff i do to be a little representive haha.
- Shopping!!!
- Drink coffee with my neighbours.
- Cooked a nice meal.
- Surching the net for scrapstuff.
- And ofcourse a phoned my friends...

8 Things I wish I could do:
- To work magic.
- Car driving.
- Lose some weight.
- Sleep better.
- Have some more me time.
- Make pretty scap bows.
- Have more self-confidence.
- Not worry so much.

8 TV Shows I watch:
- Jackass.
- Viva La Bam.
- The Dudesons.
- Down met Johhny (dutch).
- Mooi weer de Leeuw (dutch).
- Ik hou van Holland (dutch).
- Gray's Anatomy.

8 People I tag:
- Lisa Designs
- Scrap Stuff With psp Tuturials
- Alli Brown's Layouts
- LoneShell
- Fall3n Angel Scrapz
- Candys Treats
- Delicious Scraps
- KittzKreationz

With Love, Joyce

2 Lovely's Made Me Smile:

Allison Evans Brown zei

Oh wow!! Thanks! I appreciate your consideration of me. You are a sweetheart and I'm thankful for kind friends.

I can't wait to do the little questionnaire! How fun (I love doing those).

Have a good weekend! It's my birthday!

"MOI" Freubel zei

Heej...ik lees dat je ook altijd naar Paul de Leeuw kijkt !
Wat is ie goed hè ?
Ik ben al vanaf zijn 1e doorbraak een van zijn grootste fans ! LOL
Heb je al ooit eens een opname in de studio bijgewoond Joyce ?
Daar 'moet' je je echt eens voor opgeven. Da's me toch lachen en kicken hahahaaaaa.