augustus 04, 2010

Beneath the Sea

Here's another kit!
It's huge, hope you like it.

With Love,sig1

juli 08, 2010


I made this kit for my nephew or niece that's expected by the end of august :-D
My aunt loves Nijntje (as we say in Holland), but not the traditional one as you can see.
Hope you like it to!
And ofcourse I would love to see what you made with it, feel free to e-mail me at:

With Love,sig1

juni 29, 2010

Rock Chick

And here's another kit, hope you like it, love to see what you make with it.

With Love,sig1

Look what Brianna made me:

I love it!!!
Thank you so much sweetie XOXO

juni 03, 2010

My Girl

Hi there!
It's been a month since my last kit, hope you like it!
(It's not a tagger size kit for once)

With Love,sig1

mei 04, 2010

LadyBug World

This is a request kit.
It's tagger size.
Hope you like it!

With Love,sig1

april 06, 2010

It's Spring! Cluster Frames

Okey, here's the promised "surprise" I told you about!
Hope you like them, enjoy...

With Love,

maart 24, 2010

It's Spring!

And here's the kit I promised!
It's tagger size (I'm stil into tag making :D).
Hope you like it, and love to see what you made with it!
PS: There's a little surprise comming and it has alot, well everything to do with this kit ;))

With Love,

maart 22, 2010

OMG! It finally happened

Woow, it's been a while!
But I've got a great reason, I've finally moved :D:D:D!!!
After 6 years living in a bad place, I now have my dream house (condo hihi).
I'ts beautifull, If I say so myself ;)
I'm sooooo happy, and sooo very busy.
But, tomorow I'll post a new kit, hope you like it!
With Love,

februari 09, 2010


Here a new kit, it's a tagger size kit.
This because I recently fell ik love with tag making.
Hope you like it, love to see what you create with it!

With Love,

februari 02, 2010

Already a new lay-out!

Made a new lay-out...
I was already tired of the other one.
Hope you like it, let me know!
I need a new blinkie to, but I hate making them, they are never as great as I want them to be :(
With Love,